Friday, February 26, 2010

Who Pays For The Wedding Flowers

Next to the wedding dress, flowers are a big focal point of your wedding line! Who pays for the flowers at a wedding? Typically, the bride pays for the bride's attendants flowers. She or her family also pay for any flowers used at the ceremony and reception.

The groom according to tradition pays for the bride's bouquet, corsages for both mothers, and boutonnieres for the groomsmen. As a couple, you can decide if you want to pay for flowers the traditional way or if you have another plan up your sleeve!

What really matters is that the two of you sit down and decide who will pay for which flowers. Don't be afraid to set a limit on how much you can or will spend and then stick to it. Traditional or non, no matter as long as you both agree and then the bride gets to choose what type of flowers and the color of flowers she wants.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wedding Serenade!

How about incorporating some sheets of music into your wedding decor? Start with your wedding flowers. A piece of sheet music rolled into a cone becomes the start of a boutonniere. Fill it with a variety of greenery, white berries, pepper berries, and two small ranunculous roses. Add a small bow and you have a very dapper looking boutonniere.

Take a beautiful creamy colored peony on a long stem. Frame it with green ribbon then ivory colored satin ribbon. Add an accent of small calla lilies. Surround the peony with paper flowers cut from sheet music. Top the paper flowers with pepper berries. Finish off with three wooden stem accents. Let your bridesmaids hold these.

Incorporate some music sheets into your wedding bouquet as well. You could use small cut out paper flowers or make a large cone made of sheet music and set your wedding bouquet in the cone.

Carry this theme over into your wedding table decor. Place two or three pieces of sheet music carelessly placed in the middle of your tables then topped with the centerpiece of your choice or a clear glass vase of flowers. Sprinkle a few rose petals either fresh or silk around the vase on top of the sheet music.

You have a wedding reception that will "sing" to your guests. Simple and elegant!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Spring Fling Wedding Wreath

What a fun way to decorate for a spring or a summer wedding! Wreath is made up of fun paper flowers and leaves. You can display on a door for your wedding or display on guest tables at your wedding reception.

This wedding decor is sure to get some nods of approval. Delightful design and light and airy! Perfect in pink and white with green leafy accents. Or how about one in all white? Simple in design and very elegant for your wedding.

It can double as a wedding decoration and also as a gift. After using these wreaths to decorate your guest tables at your wedding reception, give them to your bridesmaids or people who helped with your wedding. Available at The Wedding Contessa.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Think Turquoise!

Turquoise is this year's hottest color! You can find it in home decor, clothing, accessories and even weddings. It's a color that looks good on almost anyone because it has warm and cool tones to it.

Brides can incorporate it into their wedding line by dressing their bridesmaids in it. Groomsmen could wear it in the form of vests, ties, or bow ties. If you don't want to make that strong of a turquoise statement, then you could work it into the ribbon or flowers in your wedding bouquet and wedding flowers for your attendants.

It wouldn't be hard to put a simple splash of turquoise into your wedding decor as well. It has a calming peaceful feel to it. It may remind your guests of peaceful lakes or even blue skies.

Add it to a black and white wedding, pair it up with a light peach or bright fuchsia. Go bold or go more soft with this color. Whatever you are comfortable with. It sure to be beautiful!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

~Planning Your Wedding~Part 6

We're at the end of the wedding planning series so here's a few more helpful tips to make your wedding day a huge success!

1 Month Ahead
  • Mail your invitations~this seems like a long time ahead but it gives your guests plenty of time to arrange their schedules to attend the wedding events you are inviting them to and time to shop for a gift.
  • Purchase accessories~such as cake knife, wedding garter, guest book (or some brides have their guests sign a large mat to go inside a picture frame which they will later put a photo of the bride and groom in),pen, etc...
  • Go and get your marriage license together~one less thing to worry about if you do that now. As you know, you have to have this to tie the knot!
  • Newspaper announcement~if you plan to put your wedding announcement in your local newspaper, start checking into deadlines for doing submitting yours.
  • Go gift shopping~find a special gift for your finance and for your wedding attendants.
  • Hair appointment~if you are doing your own hair, practice with your veil. If you want a professional to do it, then make your hair appointment now.
  • Schedule work off~make sure and give your employer notice that you will need time off for your wedding and honeymoon.
  • Furniture~shop second hand stores, classifieds, and garage sales if brand new isn't an option but you will need a few things for your new home.
2 Weeks Ahead

With just a couple of weeks to go, here are just a few simple things for you to check on.
  • Checklist of reservations to finalize~ give the following people who are helping with your wedding a call and just firm up your wedding date and make sure everything is set. Florist, caterer, entertainment, photographer, and videographer. When you talk with the last two, you may want to meet with them and give them ideas of the photos you want them to take.
  • Honeymoon arrangements~ should be firmed up and ready to go.
One Week Ahead

  • Pack for your honeymoon~this will help to keep you busy and you will be more likely to remember to pack everything you need then if you hurry to do this right before you go.
  • Set up utilities for your new home~gas, phone, electricity, city (water and garbage) should all be on your list to contact.
  • Arrange to have a manicure and a pedicure~you deserve to look and feel your best for your big day!
  • Groom should arrange for a haircut~if he needs one that is.
  • If you will need seating arrangements~ at any of your wedding events, plan it out now.
The Big Day~Your Wedding Day~
  • Get some rest~the night before! I know this is easier said than done but make an effort to! Take a relaxing bath and de stress (if there is such a word)!
  • Give yourself PLENTY OF TIME to get ready~none of this rushing around and sleeping through your alarm! Set everything out the night before so that you have it ready at your fingertips. That way, you won't forget anything and getting ready should go smoothly.
  • Eat Breakfast~it doesn't have to be a big meal but something to tide you over until you have the chance to eat again.
  • Make sure you have the marriage license and the rings~have these items ready the night before.
  • Create a fix it kit~ a couple of days before you get married. Put band aids, needle and thread, safety pins, breath mints, make up, hose, aspirin, bobby pins, gum, comfort food like candy bars, etc...have a few things handy just in case!
Most of all enjoy this day! You have waited a long time for this to happen! Take every moment in so you can remember it often in the years to come. You've found your Prince Charming or someone like him, it is truly a day to celebrate! Should there be glitches on your wedding day, just take it in stride take a deep breath, be flexible and concentrate on the stars in your groom's eyes. That's what makes this day your day, unique, one of a kind, truly special!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

~Planning Your Wedding~Part 5

Here we go with Part 5 of your wedding checklist. At this stage of the game, it is beginning to feel like you are really going to get married!

2 Months Ahead
  • Decide who you want to help at your wedding, reception, breakfast, or dinner~contact the people that you would like to have help you. First make a list such as guest book, take gifts, serve refreshments, etc...then go ahead and ask them to put it on their calendar.
  • Address announcements and invitations~ make it a bit of a party. Invite your in laws such as mom, sisters, and your hubby to be as well as your sisters and mom to help with this daunting task! Offer refreshments, put in a movie, have plenty of pens, stamps and get your addresses then forge ahead!
  • Schedule your bridal portraits~you can hire a professional or you can get creative and have someone who is really good with their digital camera take your photo. Just depends on how much you want to spend and how fancy or informal you want your portraits to be. You may want to consider displaying your photos at your wedding reception. You could also set up a table at your reception with several photos framed, do some photos in black and white, and different sizes. You could also scrapbook some in a special wedding day album to display at your reception. (You might also want to give some bridal photos to your videographer to include in the wedding day video.)
  • Check out your options for insurance~ such as health, auto, life, and renters.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

~Planning Your Wedding~ Part 4

This is the fourth installment in my "Planning Your Wedding" blog series. I think it makes planning your wedding a little easier that way than just giving a long list of things to do for each month.

That way, I also get to comment and give more helpful tips for making your wedding day unique to you, more affordable, and less stressful!

3 Months Ahead
  • Groom's ring~if you haven't already purchased it and picked it out, now would be a good time to do this. Also have any engraving done on the ring if you plan to do that.
  • Register for your wedding gifts~ This makes gift giving a little easier for your guests because they know exactly what you need and would like.
  • Time to find a place to live~ start looking for a place to live.
  • Order your Wedding Cake~Shop around! There are so many great ideas online and then find a cake that you like and take that idea to the cake decorator. Cake decorators also have many ideas available for you if you're not sure the type of cake you want. You can also order frosted cakes with no decor and you could be adventurous and decorate your own. Add some silk or fresh flowers such as you chose for your wedding flowers. There are many fun cake toppers available so don't be afraid to do it yourself if you want to!
  • Schedule appointments for dental and physical check ups~Because I was moving out of state when I got married, I had to have a quick dental check up and by the time I scheduled it, I had to go to the dentist while on my honeymoon. So not fun! Live and learn so plan ahead!
  • Plan your honeymoon~Make travel, passport, and hotel arrangements. If you plan now, you can enjoy a wonderful honeymoon. It doesn't have to put you in debt! You can plan a very nice getaway for just the two of you, somewhere close and then when you are making a little more money, you can take a big trip somewhere!
  • Make arrangements for out of town guests accommodations.

Monday, February 15, 2010

~Planning Your Wedding~Part 3

4 Months Ahead

  • Wedding Line Attire~Start selecting bridesmaid dresses and accessories. Figure out everyone's sizes and what you will need to outfit your bridesmaids, flower girls, mom's etc... It would also be a good idea to decide what the men in the line will wear as well. Go ahead and rent their attire and make sure you have their tuxes or suits rented for the date that you will need them.
  • Find the florist you want to use~ for your wedding bouquet and your wedding flowers. Decide whether you will use silk, fresh or a combination of the two for your wedding flowers. (If you choose silk, you can have your wedding bouquet designed now then once you have your bridal portraits taken, you can use your bouquet in the photos.)
  • During this month have your wedding dress altered if needed~ You will need your dress for upcoming photos and peace of mind is certainly worth having throughout your wedding planning process! So now is the time to take care of your dress if you need to. Don't wait to the last minute to have this done. The less you have to do as your big day approaches, the better!
  • Time to order your invitations and thank you cards~ When it comes to thanking your guests, it is very important that you take the time to send them a handwritten thank you! If they take the time to buy you a gift, and they take the time to join you for your wedding or reception, they deserve a handwritten thank you from you and your groom! Just a time saving tip: when you address the wedding invitations also address a thank you card for each guest. File it away until after you open your gifts. All you have to do is write a short and sweet thank you , how you will use the item and it's ready to send.
  • Video of your wedding day~if you want a videographer to capture your wedding day on video hire one now. If you have a talented family member who is really good at doing this, strike a deal with them you'll take them to dinner or free babysitting for a year (just kidding) something in exchange for their talents and services as they tell the story of your wedding through video!
  • Transportation arrangements~if you or guests will need transportation to and from your wedding, dinner, or reception, take care of those arrangements now.
  • Shop for your trousseau~It's time to start taking stock of what you have and what you will need to set up your new home.

Friday, February 12, 2010

~Planning Your Wedding~ Part 2

5 Months Ahead

  • Arrange for a photographer and take engagement photos~ Decide if you want your engagement photos to be casual or formal. What will you wear for your pictures? You will use these pics for your invitations so decide together the look that you want.
  • Choose your wedding gown, veil and accessories~Take the time now to choose the dress you want for your special day. If you do this now, you will be able to take your time and be happy with your selection. Take your mom and mother in law "to be" with you. Make it a fun day and go to lunch. Make some happy memories while both moms get to know each other. Have one of them take pictures of you as you try dresses on. Be a model for a day and listen to their suggestions however ultimately you the bride get to choose the dress you want. (You may have to shop around to find your style while staying within budget but make sure you find something that you really like. It doesn't have to cost a fortune to find the dress of your dreams.)
  • Ask the attendants for both the bride and groom~ Decide who will be in your wedding line. Bridesmaids, flower girls, best man, etc...Let them know your wedding plans now so wedding attire and wedding floral can be arranged for. Most importantly so they can circle the date on their calendar!
  • Now is the time to choose the caterer and menu~ if the reception center you have chosen doesn't provide this service. How adventurous are you? Some brides have family members who are more than willing to provide this service. You decide.
  • Decide what entertainment you will have for your reception~Are you going to have music, hire a DJ, or have a dance? This is the perfect time to decide what kind of atmosphere you want to create at your reception and how you will accomplish this. Is it in your budget to hire someone or do you want something as simple as an accomplished pianist to play romantic music? Perhaps a small group of people playing instruments?
  • Arrange for the rehearsal dinner or wedding breakfast location~East and West coast weddings state to state have different wedding styles and traditions. Whatever you choose for your wedding guests, now is the time to decide where you will host this special event. Once again, will you do some of this yourself or will you hire professionals? (Either will work.) My mother in law catered my wedding breakfast. She served chicken cordon bleu, party potatoes,rolls, green salad, fruit, and dessert. It was spectacular, a very intimate meal and delicious for our guests!
Once again if you less time than 5 months to accomplish all of this, it is doable, you just have to move a little faster to get everything done!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

~Planning Your Wedding~ PART 1

Six Months Ahead

  • Set the date~ Decide the month and the day you want to marry.
  • Schedule the place where you want to get married~ The two of you decide where you want the wedding ceremony to be. An elegant indoor wedding or a backyard garden wedding? Just make sure you have a back up plan if it should rain and your special day is planned for outdoors.
  • Determine a budget and decide who will pay for what~There are many suggestions for dividing up expenses. You can both decide together how you want to do it or let traditional wedding etiquette be your guide.
  • Pick the colors you want your wedding to be~ You can search current bridal magazines & online wedding sites to determine the wedding colors that are in this year or you can let your heart be your guide and pick whatever colors you want to use in your wedding attire, wedding decor, and floral design.
  • Start creating your guest list~compose your list according to which events you will be inviting guests to. Make a list for wedding, wedding breakfast or rehearsal dinner, and wedding reception. If you are inviting some of your guests to more than one event, create a system so you invite them to the events you want them to come to. Keep this list! You can use it to send out wedding thank yous and you may want to use some of these addresses for your future Christmas card list.
  • Find a Wedding Consultant~this step is optional. Some brides like to strike out on their own. Others don't want the worry or stress of doing everything themselves.
Ideally six months works well for planning a wedding. If by chance, you have less than that to plan, don't panic just adapt this list to fit your time-frame. My husband gave me three weeks to plan and pull off the wedding and we did it! So there is hope if you don't have a full six months!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Special Wedding Thank You

Great idea! Just before your wedding what if you leave a special thank you behind for your parents. (Put it on the front room table or perhaps on their dresser, or tape it to a mirror in the house, somewhere where they will find it easily.) They of course are not expecting anything. Who has helped prepare you for this day more than them? Besides although they are tickled pink you have found your special someone to spend forever with, a part of them will miss having you around!

So why not compose a thoughtful letter or jot a note and slip a couple of movie tickets inside the thank you? Tell them not to be sad but to celebrate this time in their lives! You could also throw in a gift card for them to go out to dinner. Tickets to a play or the symphony would be nice the list could go on! Think of something that your parents would really enjoy doing. They might be wiping away a few tears thinking of your special day but they will be mixed with tears of joy that you took the time to remember them and thank them in a creative and heartfelt way!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Lavender and Cream Wedding

Recently I designed wedding flowers for a lavender and cream wedding. The accents were champagne and gold. The bride wanted the focus of her bouquet to be ivory and cream roses with a touch of lavender and a variety of purple flowers in and around the bouquet. Lily of the valley, sweet pea, and hydrangea were flowers chosen to accent the roses.

Champagne colored fabric and gold ribbon form the wrap for the handle of the wedding bouquet and a modern bow completes the back of the bouquet. A touch of champagne colored fabric was used in the corsages, boutonnieres, and flower girl baskets. Heather was added around the roses giving the bouquet a wispy look as if the flowers were gathered from a garden.

The flower girl baskets have a handle fashioned with the accent fabric and gold ribbon as well as flowers hand sewn from accenting fabric. The corsages have a touch of hand sewn flowers as well.

Great colors for spring or summer weddings and this makes an elegant wedding floral statement! Nice thing about the design is that it will be a keepsake long after the bride and groom say, “I do”!