Thursday, January 14, 2010

Add This To Your Trousseau!

No kitchen should be without a French rolling pin. Especially the new bride's kitchen! Using this special tool will save you time and effort. Not to mention, it is a lot of fun to maneuver when you make pie crusts, pizza, sugar cookies,and pastries.

French rolling pins offer ease of use because you can control the movement better than a rolling pin with handles. You can make your dough more even and consistent as you roll it out. It is not hard to use this type of kitchen tool. Just press your palms in the middle and begin rolling to one side and then the other. The ends are tapered from the middle on both sides of the French rolling pin.

You will find it is fun working with this type of tool and you may find that cooking isn't so bad after all! Clean up is easy as well. Just take your hands and rub off remaining flour and dough that might be clinging to the pin. If you have a wooden rolling pin, pour a small amount of cooking oil into your hands and rub the pin up and down with your hands to work the oil into the pin.

What a great gift to give to your bridesmaids, mother or groom's mother, or anyone special to you for that matter! French rolling pins made out of walnut or maple wood are beautiful to display on your kitchen counter. If you don't have one yet, put this on your wish list for a wedding gift. They are well worth the investment and your new hubby will be impressed with the great things you make and the time you save in the kitchen!