Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Over at Ashley Ann Photography, you will find the most amazing do it yourself daybed! It doesn't take a whole lot to put together...elbow grease and a little creativity.

Don't be afraid to use creativity when putting your new home together. Need a bed once you get married? Try something like this. Many couples are short on money when they tie the knot and in today's economy who doesn't want to save on furniture items you have to have.

Too many couples rush out and buy furniture going into debt or they find out later it's not really what they wanted. Make your cute tiny apartment speak volumes about your style and make a bed like this. Perhaps the expanded version or turn this into couch!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Old Settings Make Great New Photos!

In today's fast pace, in seems that people are always looking to the past for a better way of life. Home decor you can find antiques and items handed down from generation to generation. The same with fashion trends. New designers are always bringing back old designs with a new take on the old and outdated.

How about engagement pictures for example. Love how Jennifer Lannier Photography brought the charm and romance of an old truck, and a country setting to bring Thomas and Swayzee's engagement photos to life! Love how creative she is when taking the photos with the unique angles and the way she captures their personalities.

Combining the old with the new makes this photo shoot awesome! It's so important to find a photographer that can do exactly that. Put you at ease in a setting that you are comfortable with and be able to capture who you both are! Jennifer Lannier Photograpy is worth checking out!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Do It Yourself Wedding Ideas

Take a look at these wedding ideas spotlighted on Snippet and Ink. The bride enlisted a lot of help from family members to do it herself! Boxwood wreaths adorned with a simple white ribbon bow. Handmade birds were made out of the bride's grandmother's wedding dress. They make a whimsical cake topper on the wedding cake.

Love the lighted lanterns strung on strings of lights and the moss covered flower pot favors with herbs designating escort cards. It's your special day why not put your signature on it by being creative. If you take the time to plan ahead, you can come up with little touches that will make your wedding day memorable.

It's up to you how involved you want to get. You can do a little or a lot when it comes to decorating and serving your guests. Certainly make sure you don't overwhelm yourself but don't hesitate to ask friends and family to get involved if you want to put your own personal touch on your wedding day!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Honeymoon in Vienna

A honeymoon trip to Vienna, Austria would be a dream come true! This is a beautiful place for the two of you to getaway and explore. With lots to do and romantic sites to visit, you will be charmed by your surroundings and the ambiance Vienna has to offer.

Transportation is no problem in this timeless city. Catch the tram on the Ring Strasse and glide gracefully all around the ring. Get off at the various stops to tour each place you want to see. Catch the Spanish Riding School with its gorgeous well trained Lipizzaner horses. Stroll through the Hapsburg Palace and Kunsthistoriches Museum (filled to the brim with beautiful artwork). Tour Mozart's home, take in an opera at the Vienna Opera House. The list goes on and on.

Check out the giant ferris wheel in the Prater area, swimming, and a Lilliputian Railroad and an amusement park. Sample delicious Eis or ice cream.

There are many choices for eating. Charming outdoor cafes, sandwich shops, desserts to die for and the fancier restaurants. There are plenty of romantic places to picnic if you just want to pick up yogurt, cheese, and sandwiches.

Shop around online for the best airfare deals. Find a bed and breakfast or apartment to rent if you plan to stay for very long. All the major travel sites and travel experts will have excellent ideas for saving money and places to check out in Vienna. Also learn a few German survival and etiquette phrases. This can go along ways if you show that you took the time to learn them!

If you research hard enough, you should be able to plan an unforgettable honeymoon that is also reasonable. Gute Reise!

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

No Bridezillas Allowed!

What is a bridezilla you may ask? A bride gone crazy, over the top, with her wedding plans! Wedding planning is hectic enough without a bride coming all unglued with vendors, fiancee,family and friends.

So that this doesn't happen to you, stop and think about what matters to you most. Is it the people you love or your wedding plans? Throw the word perfect out the window. Your plans may have glitches, things may fall through or you may have to change and redo some of your wedding plans. That's ok! Be flexible! Your day can still be memorable!

When you go out with your finance, some evenings don't mention anything about the wedding plans. Remember it's not just your wedding. It's his too! Make sure your finance feels more important than that he show up for the wedding to fit into your plans. Cross out yours and insert ours!

What will you really remember about that day? Ask your grandparents or someone you know and respect about their wedding day. What stood out the most? It's highly doubtful they will say the centerpieces no matter how amazing they are! Make this time enjoyable for both of you. Hopefully this is the beginning of forever for the two of you. Make it the best of times and continue to build on that foundation. From here to eternity!