Friday, July 30, 2010

Simple Chair Decor

If you want lots of fun ideas for wedding decor, you will want to visit Project Wedding.
You could spend hours on their site and enjoy every minute of it! They came up with a really cute and simple idea for decorating your chairs for your wedding dinner, brunch, or reception.

All you need is some fabric, ribbon and scissors. It's that simple. Put a slash through the sewing because on top of the unique design there is no sewing! You can read the step by step directions on the short tutorial.

Use your imagination and adapt this idea according to your wedding colors. Try substituting bridal tulle for the ribbon. (It comes in many different colors!) If you are a "do it yourselfer" this may be a great project for you, your bridesmaids, family, friends anyone who has offered to help with your wedding or reception!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Get Set to Jet!

Looking for a way to travel on your honeymoon? Wanting to travel to a special destination but not sure you can afford to fly? Jet Blue is running a sale on their airfare right now.

Air travel not only gets you there faster, but you can save time and let's face it gas is not cheap! You can sit back and relax and enjoy the extra time you have with each other! Let someone else do the driving (or so to speak!)

Pack your bags and start planning that romantic getaway today! As you navigate around the jet blue site you can find the destinations from coast to coast they fly to. They also have romantic vacation ideas. Happy Honeymoon!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Go Green Vase

The ladies over at Lolliblog spotlighted these lovely tulips sold in bags. These would make a lovely gift for any time of year or could serve as a nice wedding decor accent.

You could use these on your wedding tables or give a smaller version to wedding guests as a wedding favor. Simple elegance would describe these paper vases. In a time when everyone is green conscious, you could do a lot with these paper bagged tulips.

For example buy a square of the fake green moss then set one (or more of these bags on top of it). Tie an elegant contrasting ribbon around the bag.

If you are looking for a special gift to give those who help with your wedding day, consider giving them flowers such as these. They can plant the flowers and remember your kindness and your wedding day long after it is over.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Keeping Your Marriage Fresh and Fun

Once you tie the knot, it is important to keep your marriage alive. There are lots of inexpensive and creative ways to do this. Found this cute idea on The Dating Divas blog for a spa night for the two of you!

With a few items you can create a relaxing and romantic atmosphere for the love of your life! No need to spend a lot of money and you can spa in the comfort of your own home.

Your spa kit can include the following (or some items of your own):

Bubble Bath
Relaxing Lotion
Back Massager
Bath Sponge
Tea Lights

Set aside time for your hubby and make him feel like he is the center of your world as you prepare and surprise him with your spa night!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Summer Wedding

Here is a summer wedding that I designed the flowers for back in January. Robin, the bride gave me her suggestions and then she let me use my creative license to design her wedding flowers.

When designing her bouquet, we considered her dress which was cream colored and the beading on it. She sent me pictures of her wedding gown so I could design a wedding bouquet that would compliment and be in harmony with her dress.

The wedding was scheduled to be held outdoors in a beautiful garden area she and her groom had chosen. So I took this into account as well. Because I work with silk flowers, I carefully chose flowers that would look as if she picked them from the garden. Realistic looking silk flowers are a must! I surrounded the bouquet with heather greenery. It gave the bouquet a lacy, picked from the garden kind of look. Crystal type beads were also worked into Robin's bouquet to match beading on her dress.

Robin makes a beautiful bride! Happy wedding!!!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Christmas in July

This is an idea for a wedding gift that you could really give any time of year! What about Christmas stockings for the bride and groom . You could also add other Christmas decorations.

Newly married couples don't usually think about Christmas when they marry. If their budgets are tight when tie the knot, a Christmas wreath, Christmas stockings, and Christmas ornaments would be greatly appreciated.

You could purchase these items or plan ahead and make them yourself! There are a lot of ideas online for making Christmas decorations. Your special gifts will be remembered for years to come.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bride and Groom Silverware

Aren't these fun? What a great idea for your cake table! His and hers, yours and mine, Mr. and Mrs. Whichever phrase you like, this would be such an elegant and simple addition to your decor on the cake table from Beach House Living.

After your wedding day, you could pull these out and use them on your anniversary or you could put them in a special shadowbox and hang them on the wall. Add your wedding announcement, some lace, a wedding napkin any little memento of your special day and voila! You've got a great display to hang on your wall.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Make Your House A Home With Shabby Chic

I'm back from vacation and just had to share these beautiful photos of a small cottage decked out in Shabby Chic decor. I came across this darling adorable cottage on Daisy Pink Cupcake and you can read all about the woman who created this lovely studio on her blog My Shabby Streamside Studio .

You could take these same principles and use them in your teeny tiny apartment or home. Shop garage sales and second hand stores for inexpensive items to shabby your living space! You don't have to buy everything at once. Just a little at a time until you achieve the desired look.

What a great example of using creative genius in decorating a small but very enjoyable space!