Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Summer Wedding

Here is a summer wedding that I designed the flowers for back in January. Robin, the bride gave me her suggestions and then she let me use my creative license to design her wedding flowers.

When designing her bouquet, we considered her dress which was cream colored and the beading on it. She sent me pictures of her wedding gown so I could design a wedding bouquet that would compliment and be in harmony with her dress.

The wedding was scheduled to be held outdoors in a beautiful garden area she and her groom had chosen. So I took this into account as well. Because I work with silk flowers, I carefully chose flowers that would look as if she picked them from the garden. Realistic looking silk flowers are a must! I surrounded the bouquet with heather greenery. It gave the bouquet a lacy, picked from the garden kind of look. Crystal type beads were also worked into Robin's bouquet to match beading on her dress.

Robin makes a beautiful bride! Happy wedding!!!!

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  1. Really pretty and compliments the dress just right.