Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Candles and Lanterns Table Scape

Candles never go out of style no matter what time of year. Elizabeth Anne Designs offers lots of beautiful ideas for tablescapes such as these candle and lantern decorated wedding tables. (The pink candlescape was designed by Alexan Events and photographer was Jared Wilson.)

With the advent of fall, more and more wedding decor will include beautiful lanterns. They come in whispy white or wrought iron black. (Lantern photos by Marie Labbancz and featured on Evantine Events.) If your wedding group will be meeting outside, you can light real candles for a soft romantic look to your wedding tables.

Those who have their wedding event indoors can have the look of real candles without the mess. There are many options for putting battery operated candles inside the lantern. Whatever you choose for your tablescape, either will provide the ambience you are trying to achieve if displayed thoughtfully.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Caring for Your Wedding Dress

Once you purchase your wedding dress, how do you take care of it? Especially if you want to keep it and pass it on to other family members or just to have as a keepsake. Here are a few simple tips for taking care of your special dress.

*Have it dry cleaned by a company that specializes in wedding dresses. Ask others and check around before you choose a dry cleaner to get the best result.

*Put acid free tissue paper inside the dress.

*Put the dress in an acid free corrugated box. To be extra safe, you could put your gown in a acid free bag and then package it in the box. That would give it added protection from light and dust.

*Don't store your dress in an area of your home where it is damp or the temperature changes. It is best if you can keep it where the temperature will stay stable not too hot and not too cold such as under your bed.

*Every so often, take the dress out and check it for any problems that might be developing.

*Check with the company you buy the dress from and ask them what special directions they might have for caring for your dress.

Good luck!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Easy, Reasonable, Bridal Shower or Wedding Decor

Want fun wedding or bridal shower decor that won't break the bank? Why not try your hand at pom poms! You could use these for any time of year in your wedding decorations. Not hard to tackle, Martha Stewart has great how to's explaining how to create these.

You have the freedom to use bright solid colors of tissue paper or patterned tissue. For winter or Christmas weddings, fashion pom poms out of white tissue and hang with paper snowflakes, and chinese lanterns.

The pom pom napkin ring holders are adorable and would add a nice designer touch to any wedding table. While very simple, these pom poms can look fun and elegant at the same time!