Tuesday, August 3, 2010

No Bridezillas Allowed!

What is a bridezilla you may ask? A bride gone crazy, over the top, with her wedding plans! Wedding planning is hectic enough without a bride coming all unglued with vendors, fiancee,family and friends.

So that this doesn't happen to you, stop and think about what matters to you most. Is it the people you love or your wedding plans? Throw the word perfect out the window. Your plans may have glitches, things may fall through or you may have to change and redo some of your wedding plans. That's ok! Be flexible! Your day can still be memorable!

When you go out with your finance, some evenings don't mention anything about the wedding plans. Remember it's not just your wedding. It's his too! Make sure your finance feels more important than that he show up for the wedding to fit into your plans. Cross out yours and insert ours!

What will you really remember about that day? Ask your grandparents or someone you know and respect about their wedding day. What stood out the most? It's highly doubtful they will say the centerpieces no matter how amazing they are! Make this time enjoyable for both of you. Hopefully this is the beginning of forever for the two of you. Make it the best of times and continue to build on that foundation. From here to eternity!

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