Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fun Bridal Shower...Old Fashioned Quilting Bee!

Thinking bridal shower? Why not have fun and add to your wedding trousseau at the same time! Tie or quilt a blanket for your new home! First decide what size quilt you want to make. You have lots of options here so choose one of the following:

Buy a piece of fabric for the quilt top and bottom and make sure both are big enough for the size bed you want to use it on.
Sew squares of fabric together to make a pieced quilt top and buy a solid or patterned piece of fabric for the bottom side of the quilt.
Buy a two flat bed sheets and use it for a quilt top and quilt bottom.

You will also need a quilt bat to go between the top and bottom fabric layers of the quilt. Borrow some quilting frames, clamps, and tacks. If you don't know how to set up a quilt for your guests to tie or quilt at your shower, then visit your local fabric store and enlist their help or find an avid quilt maker in your area and ask them to help you. Don't be afraid to ask family members or friends to help you set up your quilt. If you prefer, your mom or grandmother would probably jump at the chance to set up a bridal shower like this.

Have the appropriate needles and yarn, embroidery thread, or ribbon for people to use to complete your quilt with.

Voila! You have an old fashioned quilting bee in the makings! This is a great time to relax and visit as you and your guests tie your quilt. (Tying a quilt is relatively easy and quicker than quilting but quilting is such a beautiful art!) You will make memories that last a lifetime! The edge will need to be finished later and you have many options there as well.

One more quick idea: get some fabric pens and have everyone sign the back of the quilt once it is finished. Don't forget the refreshments!

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