Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Simple, Easy, and Elegant Table Wedding Decor

If you are a "do it yourselfer", you can easily make a beautiful table centerpiece for guest tables, the guest book table, or a table where you display your wedding and bridal photos.

Garden Art
Don't forget to look in your garden for flowers that are in season. Or you can gather a nice variety of flowers from your local florist or garden nursery. Look around your home for a container that will give you the look you want. Add a faux berry wreath, put real cabbage roses, sunflowers, etc...whatever flower you want inside the container to get this simple but elegant look. Create an interesting display by putting the same color containers but non matching on the guest tables and create a garden art look for your wedding.

Antique Look
Got an old tarnished pitcher sitting around? (Go treasure hunting at your local secondhand store.) Get this look simply by gathering greenery from front yard bushes. Add three beautiful rosebuds. Tie a creamy or colored ribbon around the handle and let the ribbon fall carelessly from the handle of the pitcher. Add a wedding photo(s) to sit to the side of it and you have eye candy for your guests!

Glass with Colored Water
Use a drinking glass or other glass container of your choice. Then color the water with food coloring to match the color of your wedding colors. Set your glass container on a white plate. Stick one blooming rose in the water just before guests arrive and put a twig wreath (which you can make before hand from twigs in the yard or purchase) around the flower. Though very simple it makes a nice floral display!

There you have three simple, easy, and elegant floral centerpiece ideas! Happy Creating!

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