Monday, May 3, 2010

Commitment To Marriage A Beautiful Thing Part 2

It's hard to find happy endings in storybook weddings. However, in the case of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert their marriage seemed to have just that. They tried to build a marriage and a family based on trust, fidelity, and support.

From all accounts it is reported that the young queen was devoted to her husband and he loved his queen! Together they ruled a country and raised nine children. They understood each other and were very happy together.

Working at a marriage alone is a lot of work but running a kingdom on top that! I admire these two for their devotion to one another and their commitment to making their marriage blossom in spite of the fact that it was always on display and under public scrutiny!

Perhaps it is well worth taking time to research about Queen Victoria's and Prince Albert's relationship. It was not without its ups and downs but the key to their successful marriage was their commitment to each other. It is refreshing to find an example of a husband and wife of royal heritage who placed self second to spouse and who respected each other enough to create a sort of fairy tale life together. Long live happy marriages!

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