Monday, May 10, 2010

A Hunting We Will Go for a Wedding Dress!

Trying on wedding dresses is a must for the bride to be. You may think you know your own taste and what you like but until you try it on, you can't be certain. Find a shop that is helpful, attentive, and not pushy.

The sales attendant should give you her undivided attention by finding dresses in the shop for you to try on. Hopefully she will want to know a little about you and what you like. She will gladly let you try on dresses and allow you to take your time to look in the mirror so you can see the front and the back view.

Ask about alterations, cleaning, and pressing your dress which the store should be willing to do. Although most wedding dress shops are very careful with their wedding dresses, some dresses look as though they have been worn due to many brides trying them on. A good shop should clean and press the dress for you before you buy it if it needs it.

I love it when the sales associate is not pushy! You should be the one to determine when you are done trying on dresses and certainly you should choose which one you like the best. If you need to shop around, a good shop should have no problem with that. One more thing, love it when the shop allows you take pictures to remember the momentous occasion and isn't afraid that you are a spy or that you are trying to duplicate their dress. This is a special time in your life and a bride deserves the royal treatment!

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