Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Best Bridesmaid

A bridesmaid can help assist the bride in her wedding plans. She can be a great asset to the bride by doing a few simple things to help out. When you look at wedding lists, you usually see who does what refers to the bride and groom but add a list of "to dos"for the bridesmaid and she can make the bride's life much easier.

Bridal Shower Power
A thoughtful bridesmaid can plan and organize a fun bridal shower. You can go do a homemade party and invite the bride's friends and family. Or you could plan an outing to the bride's favorite restaurant. Everyone pays their own way. Get a list from the bride and set the date with her as well. Then plan away!

Keep The Bride On Task
Get a calendar and mark the dates, places, and things the bride has to do. You can check in with the bride often and act as her personal assistant to make sure she doesn't forget important appointments and dates. Offering to drive her to her next appointment would be both helpful and fun for the bride. Once in awhile, offer to take her to lunch so you and she can chat about wedding plans and other topics with the goal to help her de-stress!

Personal Secretary
Offer to help address invitations, announcements, and thank yous for the bride. Organize a way for her to keep track of all that she needs to accomplish before the wedding.

Wedding Day Duties
It is the bridesmaid's job to help the bride have a memorable wedding day. Watch for things that you can do for her without having to ask. Does she need a drink of water, something to snack on, etc...Also be prepared with safety pins, wipes, tissues, mints, case of a last minute emergency you can help her not to stress but turn the situation from disaster to laughter.

At the end of the day, you can fall into bed and dream happy thoughts knowing that as a bridesmaid your mission was accomplished!

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