Thursday, June 24, 2010

Choosing A Spot For Your Reception

You have several options to consider when planning your reception. Will you do an outdoor backyard kind of wedding venue? Will you use a reception center, church cultural hall, or golf clubhouse? What about having it in an out of the ordinary place such as a library, courthouse, museum, or park?

First you have to think about the time of year you will be getting married. If you have an outdoor place to host guests, you will need a backup plan in case of inclement weather. What kind of decorating will you have to do if you don't choose a reception center or a more formal place such as a museum, or country club?

Will you do the decorating or will you hire someone to decorate for you? Sit your future spouse down and talk about your wedding budget. Who will pay for what and how much of the reception do you want to do yourselves? Talk about the pros and cons of each venue and decide which will fit your style, personality, and budget best. Perhaps there is a place you haven't considered such as a relative's home.

Give yourself plenty of time to plan. Research all the different places that you are interested in having host your reception. You can get lots of fun reception ideas online at different wedding sites and blogs.

This is your story and your moment in wedding history so plan it carefully. Don't be afraid to put your own personal magic wedding touch on it. Make it your day and your guests will enjoy sharing it with you!

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