Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bridal Shower Inspiration

I am currently planning a bridal shower for a friend's daughter and found great inspiration in this "Alice in Wonderlandia" theme I found over at Lollipops Events and Designs . They have such incredible ideas you should check out their site!

You could use this theme for baby, weddings, birthdays, many things you can do with this! I love the stacked teacups topped with flowers. The moss balls sitting in containers look very elegant. Or you could use topiaries. On the backs of the chairs, they tied aprons. Very creative!

The color scheme is bright and fanciful and draws your attention right in. Though it is in an outdoor setting, you could easily bring it indoors and make it just as fun! Wouldn't it be great to set a festive table using your china or pick up different pieces of china from a second hand store and make it a bit like the "mad hatter"!

Send out bright and colorful invitations add some refreshments and glass jars filled with candy to match and contrast with the table colors and your party is destined to succeed! Stay tuned as next week I will post pictures of the invitations, decor, and food that I use for the bridal shower I am planning inspired by these photos created by the girls at Lollipops Events and Designs !

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