Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Playing House...for Real!

You know how when you were young you had fun playing house? If you are ready to tie the knot and set up house for real, here are a few tips to consider to make the transition from I to we much smoother!

Here's your list of "to do" before you say "I do":

*Bank accounts?

You will need to decide where you will bank and you will need to order checks and debit cards with both of your names if you plan to join your finances.


Will you have a home phone or just use your cell phones? What about getting on the same cell phone plan? This may save you money by combining cell phone use. More and more couples are only using their cells as their main home phone.

*Hook up Utilities

Contact your local city department to make arrangements for water and garbage, and recycling pick up. Then have your gas and electricity hooked up. Decide if you will put it in one name or both on the bill.

*Health and Home Insurance Policies

Are you both covered by your current employers? Do you want to switch plans or health providers? What about life insurance? Good to talk this over before you get married.

Don't forget home owner's or renter's insurance.

These are things to discuss and take care of before you head off on the honeymoon. Then you can enjoy your wedding more knowing that you can return to home sweet home and be ready to "play house" for real!

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