Monday, March 8, 2010

Setting Up Home Sweet Home!

Most couples when they wed don't have a whole lot of money to spend on home decor. My sister in law is great at coming up with inexpensive ideas that makes her home decor pop with great taste!

Hang a "family" display. Find frames that you like and put vinyl lettering on the back so that it spells out family. (There are so many options as far as vinyl lettering out there!) Attach ribbon with hot glue to the back of each frame. Find some type of wrought iron pole or even a long tree branch (left au natural or spray it white for added home decor appeal) that you can tie each frame to.

What a beautiful wall display! You can use two different fonts like pictured here, make it shabby chic, country, or modern. Whatever your style! Shake it up with your own creativity!

You could also add all types of family photos, wedding photos, make a family tree of sorts to this wall. You are sure to get lots of great comments on your creativity and guests will love looking at all your photos.

Another thought: there are some great sayings that just hit home with each of us (oops no pun intended). How about hanging a sign that reminds you that your wedding can last forever if you really want it to! Hang a sign that says "families are forever". This was a purchased sign but you can use vinyl lettering or other creative ways to hang this sweet reminder in your home!

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