Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Little Party Inspiration

Found this inspiration for a wedding or party on Holly Beck's Decor 8 blog. A very talented event planner by the name of Amy Atlas put these dessert tables together. Don't the tables make you want to run right out and plan a party?

You can take inspiration for your next party or plan your wedding around colors that you see woven together in photos like this. Check out the story on Decor 8 as they have more pictures and more information on how they put these tables together.

Dessert tables are a great way to treat your guests at your next party. If you are planning a wedding, think about having a dessert table to impress your guests. Choose your main color then add a contrasting color. Carry that over into your choice of desserts be it candy, cookies, cake, popcorn, cotton candy, beverage whatever you choose! Delight your guests and let the fun begin!

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