Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Roses Have Meaning

Roses are a popular choice of many brides. Did you know each color of rose has a different meaning? If you want your wedding bouquet (bouquets courtesy of
The Wedding Contessa) to send a message, here are some of the meanings according to color:

Coral/Orange represents desire and enthusiasm which seems to radiate from this bold color.
Dark Pink: is a symbol of gratitude as it stands for thank you.
Light Pink: if you give someone a light pink rose it means admiration.
Pale: a rose of this color stands for friendship.
Peach: says let's get together.
Pink: means many things including love, happiness, grace and gentility.
Pink & White: this combination or rose colors means that "I will always love you".
Red: like the orange rose it also stands for desire, respect, courage, and as you can guess red(because it is such a standard color of roses given for Valentine's Day!)
White: gives the impression of reverence, humility, charm, innocence, and silence.
Red & Yellow: says congratulations!
Yellow: means joy, gladness,welcome back, and friendship.

It would be interesting to research this topic a little and find out how these rose colors achieved their meanings. Go ahead and combine whatever colors you like for your wedding because it is doubtful your guests will try to play detective and figure out what you are trying to say with your wedding bouquet!

Most brides choose their bridal bouquet colors to match the rest of the colors they have chosen for their wedding events and because they like the flowers they have chosen. Other flowers have meanings as well but for now it is enough to know that the many beautiful variety of rose colors speak a language all their own!

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