Thursday, April 15, 2010

"Spring" Into Weddings!

Love the smell of Spring blossoms! With so many things starting to bloom in your yard and neighborhood, consider gathering blossoms of all colors and textures to incorporate into your wedding decor.

Cut some fruit tree blossom branches and tie together with a wide satin ribbon. Put them into a glass vase. White or purple alyssum ground cover would look great floating in a glass dish surrounding three to five slightly open roses carefully put in the center of the dish.

Look for ivy spilling over fences this time of year and cut some to put in table arrangements or your bridal bouquet. You can have your floral designer incorporate Spring blossoms into your wedding bouquet. If you choose a beautiful silk bouquet, there are many, many gorgeous blossom branches to choose from. A great variety of colors available too!

If by chance, you are planning an outdoor wedding, add some rustic or shabby chic looking birdhouses by the guest book or on your tables decorated with Spring blossoms! Put them around wedding photos displayed on a tree stumps or a table.

These are just a few ideas to get your creativity going so get your Spring on!

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