Tuesday, February 16, 2010

~Planning Your Wedding~ Part 4

This is the fourth installment in my "Planning Your Wedding" blog series. I think it makes planning your wedding a little easier that way than just giving a long list of things to do for each month.

That way, I also get to comment and give more helpful tips for making your wedding day unique to you, more affordable, and less stressful!

3 Months Ahead
  • Groom's ring~if you haven't already purchased it and picked it out, now would be a good time to do this. Also have any engraving done on the ring if you plan to do that.
  • Register for your wedding gifts~ This makes gift giving a little easier for your guests because they know exactly what you need and would like.
  • Time to find a place to live~ start looking for a place to live.
  • Order your Wedding Cake~Shop around! There are so many great ideas online and then find a cake that you like and take that idea to the cake decorator. Cake decorators also have many ideas available for you if you're not sure the type of cake you want. You can also order frosted cakes with no decor and you could be adventurous and decorate your own. Add some silk or fresh flowers such as you chose for your wedding flowers. There are many fun cake toppers available so don't be afraid to do it yourself if you want to!
  • Schedule appointments for dental and physical check ups~Because I was moving out of state when I got married, I had to have a quick dental check up and by the time I scheduled it, I had to go to the dentist while on my honeymoon. So not fun! Live and learn so plan ahead!
  • Plan your honeymoon~Make travel, passport, and hotel arrangements. If you plan now, you can enjoy a wonderful honeymoon. It doesn't have to put you in debt! You can plan a very nice getaway for just the two of you, somewhere close and then when you are making a little more money, you can take a big trip somewhere!
  • Make arrangements for out of town guests accommodations.

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