Monday, February 15, 2010

~Planning Your Wedding~Part 3

4 Months Ahead

  • Wedding Line Attire~Start selecting bridesmaid dresses and accessories. Figure out everyone's sizes and what you will need to outfit your bridesmaids, flower girls, mom's etc... It would also be a good idea to decide what the men in the line will wear as well. Go ahead and rent their attire and make sure you have their tuxes or suits rented for the date that you will need them.
  • Find the florist you want to use~ for your wedding bouquet and your wedding flowers. Decide whether you will use silk, fresh or a combination of the two for your wedding flowers. (If you choose silk, you can have your wedding bouquet designed now then once you have your bridal portraits taken, you can use your bouquet in the photos.)
  • During this month have your wedding dress altered if needed~ You will need your dress for upcoming photos and peace of mind is certainly worth having throughout your wedding planning process! So now is the time to take care of your dress if you need to. Don't wait to the last minute to have this done. The less you have to do as your big day approaches, the better!
  • Time to order your invitations and thank you cards~ When it comes to thanking your guests, it is very important that you take the time to send them a handwritten thank you! If they take the time to buy you a gift, and they take the time to join you for your wedding or reception, they deserve a handwritten thank you from you and your groom! Just a time saving tip: when you address the wedding invitations also address a thank you card for each guest. File it away until after you open your gifts. All you have to do is write a short and sweet thank you , how you will use the item and it's ready to send.
  • Video of your wedding day~if you want a videographer to capture your wedding day on video hire one now. If you have a talented family member who is really good at doing this, strike a deal with them you'll take them to dinner or free babysitting for a year (just kidding) something in exchange for their talents and services as they tell the story of your wedding through video!
  • Transportation arrangements~if you or guests will need transportation to and from your wedding, dinner, or reception, take care of those arrangements now.
  • Shop for your trousseau~It's time to start taking stock of what you have and what you will need to set up your new home.

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