Friday, February 19, 2010

Think Turquoise!

Turquoise is this year's hottest color! You can find it in home decor, clothing, accessories and even weddings. It's a color that looks good on almost anyone because it has warm and cool tones to it.

Brides can incorporate it into their wedding line by dressing their bridesmaids in it. Groomsmen could wear it in the form of vests, ties, or bow ties. If you don't want to make that strong of a turquoise statement, then you could work it into the ribbon or flowers in your wedding bouquet and wedding flowers for your attendants.

It wouldn't be hard to put a simple splash of turquoise into your wedding decor as well. It has a calming peaceful feel to it. It may remind your guests of peaceful lakes or even blue skies.

Add it to a black and white wedding, pair it up with a light peach or bright fuchsia. Go bold or go more soft with this color. Whatever you are comfortable with. It sure to be beautiful!

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