Thursday, February 18, 2010

~Planning Your Wedding~Part 6

We're at the end of the wedding planning series so here's a few more helpful tips to make your wedding day a huge success!

1 Month Ahead
  • Mail your invitations~this seems like a long time ahead but it gives your guests plenty of time to arrange their schedules to attend the wedding events you are inviting them to and time to shop for a gift.
  • Purchase accessories~such as cake knife, wedding garter, guest book (or some brides have their guests sign a large mat to go inside a picture frame which they will later put a photo of the bride and groom in),pen, etc...
  • Go and get your marriage license together~one less thing to worry about if you do that now. As you know, you have to have this to tie the knot!
  • Newspaper announcement~if you plan to put your wedding announcement in your local newspaper, start checking into deadlines for doing submitting yours.
  • Go gift shopping~find a special gift for your finance and for your wedding attendants.
  • Hair appointment~if you are doing your own hair, practice with your veil. If you want a professional to do it, then make your hair appointment now.
  • Schedule work off~make sure and give your employer notice that you will need time off for your wedding and honeymoon.
  • Furniture~shop second hand stores, classifieds, and garage sales if brand new isn't an option but you will need a few things for your new home.
2 Weeks Ahead

With just a couple of weeks to go, here are just a few simple things for you to check on.
  • Checklist of reservations to finalize~ give the following people who are helping with your wedding a call and just firm up your wedding date and make sure everything is set. Florist, caterer, entertainment, photographer, and videographer. When you talk with the last two, you may want to meet with them and give them ideas of the photos you want them to take.
  • Honeymoon arrangements~ should be firmed up and ready to go.
One Week Ahead

  • Pack for your honeymoon~this will help to keep you busy and you will be more likely to remember to pack everything you need then if you hurry to do this right before you go.
  • Set up utilities for your new home~gas, phone, electricity, city (water and garbage) should all be on your list to contact.
  • Arrange to have a manicure and a pedicure~you deserve to look and feel your best for your big day!
  • Groom should arrange for a haircut~if he needs one that is.
  • If you will need seating arrangements~ at any of your wedding events, plan it out now.
The Big Day~Your Wedding Day~
  • Get some rest~the night before! I know this is easier said than done but make an effort to! Take a relaxing bath and de stress (if there is such a word)!
  • Give yourself PLENTY OF TIME to get ready~none of this rushing around and sleeping through your alarm! Set everything out the night before so that you have it ready at your fingertips. That way, you won't forget anything and getting ready should go smoothly.
  • Eat Breakfast~it doesn't have to be a big meal but something to tide you over until you have the chance to eat again.
  • Make sure you have the marriage license and the rings~have these items ready the night before.
  • Create a fix it kit~ a couple of days before you get married. Put band aids, needle and thread, safety pins, breath mints, make up, hose, aspirin, bobby pins, gum, comfort food like candy bars, etc...have a few things handy just in case!
Most of all enjoy this day! You have waited a long time for this to happen! Take every moment in so you can remember it often in the years to come. You've found your Prince Charming or someone like him, it is truly a day to celebrate! Should there be glitches on your wedding day, just take it in stride take a deep breath, be flexible and concentrate on the stars in your groom's eyes. That's what makes this day your day, unique, one of a kind, truly special!

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