Wednesday, February 17, 2010

~Planning Your Wedding~Part 5

Here we go with Part 5 of your wedding checklist. At this stage of the game, it is beginning to feel like you are really going to get married!

2 Months Ahead
  • Decide who you want to help at your wedding, reception, breakfast, or dinner~contact the people that you would like to have help you. First make a list such as guest book, take gifts, serve refreshments, etc...then go ahead and ask them to put it on their calendar.
  • Address announcements and invitations~ make it a bit of a party. Invite your in laws such as mom, sisters, and your hubby to be as well as your sisters and mom to help with this daunting task! Offer refreshments, put in a movie, have plenty of pens, stamps and get your addresses then forge ahead!
  • Schedule your bridal portraits~you can hire a professional or you can get creative and have someone who is really good with their digital camera take your photo. Just depends on how much you want to spend and how fancy or informal you want your portraits to be. You may want to consider displaying your photos at your wedding reception. You could also set up a table at your reception with several photos framed, do some photos in black and white, and different sizes. You could also scrapbook some in a special wedding day album to display at your reception. (You might also want to give some bridal photos to your videographer to include in the wedding day video.)
  • Check out your options for insurance~ such as health, auto, life, and renters.

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