Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wedding Serenade!

How about incorporating some sheets of music into your wedding decor? Start with your wedding flowers. A piece of sheet music rolled into a cone becomes the start of a boutonniere. Fill it with a variety of greenery, white berries, pepper berries, and two small ranunculous roses. Add a small bow and you have a very dapper looking boutonniere.

Take a beautiful creamy colored peony on a long stem. Frame it with green ribbon then ivory colored satin ribbon. Add an accent of small calla lilies. Surround the peony with paper flowers cut from sheet music. Top the paper flowers with pepper berries. Finish off with three wooden stem accents. Let your bridesmaids hold these.

Incorporate some music sheets into your wedding bouquet as well. You could use small cut out paper flowers or make a large cone made of sheet music and set your wedding bouquet in the cone.

Carry this theme over into your wedding table decor. Place two or three pieces of sheet music carelessly placed in the middle of your tables then topped with the centerpiece of your choice or a clear glass vase of flowers. Sprinkle a few rose petals either fresh or silk around the vase on top of the sheet music.

You have a wedding reception that will "sing" to your guests. Simple and elegant!

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