Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Special Wedding Thank You

Great idea! Just before your wedding what if you leave a special thank you behind for your parents. (Put it on the front room table or perhaps on their dresser, or tape it to a mirror in the house, somewhere where they will find it easily.) They of course are not expecting anything. Who has helped prepare you for this day more than them? Besides although they are tickled pink you have found your special someone to spend forever with, a part of them will miss having you around!

So why not compose a thoughtful letter or jot a note and slip a couple of movie tickets inside the thank you? Tell them not to be sad but to celebrate this time in their lives! You could also throw in a gift card for them to go out to dinner. Tickets to a play or the symphony would be nice the list could go on! Think of something that your parents would really enjoy doing. They might be wiping away a few tears thinking of your special day but they will be mixed with tears of joy that you took the time to remember them and thank them in a creative and heartfelt way!

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